Thursday, October 14, 2010


Up until quite recently, I had just longer than shoulder length hair, it was getting a bit scraggly and I hardly ever brushed it. This is bad practice if you have longer hair. So I decided to have it cut shorter in the popular pompadour style, well, my version of it. A longer version. So I went in to the hairdresser/salon with photographic aids in hand and it all went downhill, fast. I left with a terrible haircut which two weeks later is looking bowl-ish. Needless to say I told the stylist I didn't like it and it wasn't what I wanted. It's a non style. I'd have felt better if I could actually work it. Can't wait for the end of year hols when it will have grown out to a decent length! And I will look after it right from here on out so that I am never tempted to destroy it! Haircut every 2 months etc...

Lesson learned: don't go for a popular style that looks awesome when pulled off by the right person and done by the right stylists in Pop culture magazines etc. When it's probably not going to suit you all that well and is a mission to style everday.

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