Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I love shoes.
I love shoes.
I love shoes.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Crowded House

My absolute favourite band. Musically and Lyrically. Ah just brilliant.
Takes me back to the 90's when my parents listened to them. I grew up with this music.

I love the 90's.

Sometimes I miss the 90's.

Here's the video for "Instinct" which is apparently not included on their compilation DVD "Dreaming: The Videos". I don't know why 'cos I love it! It is now one of my favourite music video's of the 90's.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

James Blake - What Was It You Said About Luck


Donkin Reserve, Port Elizabeth

Tim and Sarah at the top of the lighthouse! I was jealous at first but then they got locked in.


We visited Colonial Antiques - I love this place. It's full of interesting things. I want half the stock for my future apartment! I need to finish M Arch and get to working to have my own nicely furnished place.

Sarah found a fur coat in an old wardrobe and tried it on haha!

As we were leaving I was like "Zebra & Giraffe are playing in the place above here tonight" Right then Zebra & Giraffe pulled up in front of us in a van.

Later I said to Sarah "Maybe I should've taken their photo."
Sarah replied "No you don't want them to think they're famous..." BWAHAHAHAHA!

Please excuse the grainy cell phone pictures - I didn't have my SLR on me.

Coat King

Coat King = huge second hand clothing store specialising in coats. They have all sorts. There were some very interesting ones, a leopard print faux fur coat, various parka's, melton coats, camel coats etc. I tried on a cool cobalt blue military coat but it was too big and long. Oh well.

Because it's random selections they're not going to have another size if the coat you find doesn't fit properly. And you'll want to dry clean the coat to get that new freshness and shape back. And by want I mean you'll need to. It's worth a look if you're after something different that no one else will have too.

Excuse the cell phone quality pictures. It's all I had on me.